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27 Feb 14

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shade cleaning

Hi All

 I   wanted to introduce myself my name is Cheryl Podobnik , I am a


























 Hi All, 

I am Cheryl Podobnik,  a Certified Fabricare Specialist, I can clean most types of fabric shades using an injection / extraction method of cleaning.

I wanted to talk about a problem concerning moisture condensation on windows. Due to the extensive amount of cold weather we have been experiencing, damages can start to appear on shades or curtains close to the glass.

These appear as water marks sometimes not appearing until the fabric has dried and usually dark golden to brown in color.   Some of these can be avoided by lifting up the shade a little at the bottom to let some air escape and wiping the moisture on a regular basis.

There have been a lot of ice back-ups on roofs and gutters which can cause moisture to appear in the house along the ceiling. Obviously other damages can occur at this time.

If water marks or moisture has been seen on your window treatments please contact me so I can help with this problem.  Some damage is irreversible depending on the fabric or extent of the problem.

Thank you,









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